The Invisible Sky

Rosat and the Age of X-Ray Astronomy

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ISBN/EAN: 9781461272229
Sprache: Englisch
Umfang: 175 S.
Auflage: 1. Auflage 2013
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ROSAT, the ROentgen SATellite launched in 1990, has revealed an entirely new aspect of the night sky - that of objects emitting X-rays rather than the rays of light visible to the human eye. This lavishly illustrated book is the first to describe one of the most remarkable instruments in modern astronomy. It offers fascinating images and engaging accounts of a wide range of Solar-System and deep space objects such as Comet Hyakutake, the Sun, the Moon, and objects outside the Milky Way.


InhaltsangabePreface.- Introduction.- The Invisible Sky.- The History of X-Ray Astronomy.- X-Rays from the Sun?- A Fortuitous Discovery.- Filling up the Sky.- The Moon as Observing Assistant.- Rotating Blinders.- With Uhuru Toward New Frontiers.- Cygnus Cycles.- Magnetic Remote Sensing.- Einstein and EXOSAT.- ROSAT Ödash Creating a Satellite.- A New Type of Detector.- A Key Experience.- Pulsars Ödash Energy Beacons in the Universe.- The HEXE Balloon Program.- The Search for the Black Hole.- Contacts with Moscow.- ROSAT Ödash The ROentgen SATellite Project.- Grazing Reflections.- Technical Preparations.- Difficult Production.- How to Glue Glass to Metal?- ROSAT Goes International.- Imaging of X-Rays.- An Artificial "Optic Nerve.- Building a Satellite.- Commands from Bavari.- Early Morning Shock.- The Most Accurate X-Ray Map.- Astro-Navigation for ROSAT.- X-Ray Astronomy in Our Galaxy.- X-Rays from a Comet.- X-Rays from the Moon.- The Demystification of the Sky.- The Sun as a Prototypical Star.- What Heats the Corona?.- The Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram.- Helpful Mass Screenings.- Magnetic Fields Determine.- X-Ray Luminosity.- ROSAT Registers Strongest X-Ray Burst.- X-Ray Views into Cosmic Delivery Rooms.- X-Rays from the Sirius System.- The End of a Solar-Type Star.- Consequences of Proximity.- The Source of the X-Rays.- Magnetic White Dwarfs.- A Mysterious Gap.- Exploding Stars.- Supernova 1987 A.- ROSAT's First Measurements.- The Fast Supernova 1993.- Galactic Supernovae.- A Stellar Explosion in the Stone Age.- Supersonic Stellar Debris.- Pulsars in X-Rays.- Revealing Cooling.- Enigma Geminga.- Classical X-Ray Binaries.- Difficult Search.- Black Holes.- The Particle Slingshot SS 433.- Impenetrable Clouds.- A Hot Neighborhood.- Bubbles in the Milky Way.- The Galactic Center.- Perhaps a Black Hole?- X-Ray Astronomy Outside Our Galaxy.- Our Nearest Neighbors.- Fusion Processes on the Surface.- A New X-Ray Pulsar.- Super-Bubbles in the LMC.- The 30 Doradus Complex.- The Andromeda Galaxy.- Starburst Galaxies.- Active Galaxies.- An End to the Confusing Variety.- Multispectral Cooperation.- Gigantic Energy Beacons.- Clusters of Galaxies.- A Deep View Through the Lockman Hole.- Epilogue.- List of Acronyms.- Index.

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