Sky Quality Map Europe

Light Pollution & Dark Sky Map - Star Light Preserves and Star Party Sites

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Sky Quality Map Europe is a comprehensive information source for astronomy enthusiasts who want to find the best dark sky sites across the continent. The high resolution travel map is ideally suited for planning astro holidays. The light pollution data has been calculated by the renowned Italian experts Fabio Falchi and Riccardo Furgoni using satellite data. The colours show the extent of the artificial brightening of the night sky, put here as the ratio of the sky's brightness in relation to a natural, undisturbed night sky. This value can also be described as an increase of the sky's surface brightness (in mag/arsec^2) or the loss of stars visible to the naked eye. Additionally, areas with designated dark sky parks and preserves are shown. These regions have committed to rules set up by the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) or the Starlight Foundation to preserve a natural night sky. The map also pinpoints the locations of the largest recurring star parties and astro camps in Europe. Here, astronomy enthusiasts meet, enjoying dark skies and sharing views with their telescopes. +++ Englischsprachiger Umschlag. Die Karte ist auch ohne Kenntnisse der englischen Sprache voll nutzbar. +++

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